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About Yeshivas HaTurim

About Yeshivas HaTurim

Advisory Board

Rabbi Dov Aharon Brisman shlit'a 

Av Beit Din, Beit Din of Philadelphia

Associate Av Beit Din, Rabbinical Alliance of America

Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst shlit'a

Dayan, Agudas Israel of Illinois

Rabbi Shimon Yerucham Green shlit'a

Yeshivas HaTurim, founded by Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shimon Yerucham Green, shlit'a, trains its talmidim in a rigorous learning method which empowers the talmid to uncover the depths of the Torah.

Yeshivas HaTurim works with advanced students seeking to learn at the highest level of Gemara aliba D'Hilchasa and Hilchasa aliba D'Gemara. Talmidim are trained to uncover the profundity of p'shat and ultimately arrive at a refined understanding of the beauty of p'sak halacha.